A Design/Build project is one where we are the sole contractor.  We do the design, we install the systems, and we do the training.   These projects are those in which a bidding process is not required.

DJL takes pride in our Design/Build projects.   In these projects, where we are able to shepherd the entire A/V portion of a project through to completion, we are able to save or clients a lot of budgetary resources because of the lower number of entities involved in the project.   We meet with you, determine your needs and requirements, write you a proposal, discuss the proposal and change it as necessary, then we install / setup the systems, and train your operators.  Design/Build projects offer speed, flexibility, and considerable savings with fewer companies to be paid and people to contact for approvals and change orders.  Also, the Design/Build contractor is totally responsible for the performance and function of the new systems as there is no separate design firm that may have made a mistake somewhere.

We have a terrific track record of Design/Build projects and clients.  If your project can be approached in this manner, it is the highest return for your investment.



There is no other priority that approaches this one in importance. We have removed old speakers weighing over 80 lbs. from buildings where they were almost literally hanging by a thread. When an 80 lb. speaker is 35 feet over your head, you need to know that speaker is not coming down. Here in California, this need is even more acute than in many other places. We install and rig our systems to be very safe, very over-rated and everything braced, solid and secure.


We will always do everything we can to make your installation visually attractive. While not all options for location of things like speakers audio mixers, and projectors will work, we will go as far as we possibly can to make the design fit the facility so those who use the facility will see the technology as integrated and appropriate.


We are very aware that may of the facilities we work on are regularly in use. We will work with you in making the installation go as quickly and as timely as is possible. When we go on-site for an install, we focus all our energies on that project and are able to finish it quickly, and sometimes very quickly.


Controls are clearly labeled. We often provide simple panels and other control systems for users who are not trained professionals. All channel assignments make sense. You will know that a mic plugged into channel one on the stage will show up at channel one on the mixer and so on. We try to make things as intuitive as possible so you can concentrate on making your events successful.

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