A Design/Build project is one where we are the sole contractor.  We do the design, we install the systems, and we do the training.   These projects are those in which a bidding process is not required.


DJL takes pride in our Design/Build projects.   In these projects, where we are able to shepherd the entire A/V portion of a project through to completion, we are able to save or clients a lot of budgetary resources because of the lower number of entities involved in the project.   We meet with you, determine your needs and requirements, write you a proposal, discuss the proposal and change it as necessary, then we install / setup the systems, and train your operators.  Design/Build projects offer speed, flexibility, and considerable savings with fewer companies to be paid and people to contact for approvals and change orders.  Also, the Design/Build contractor is totally responsible for the performance and function of the new systems as there is no separate design firm that may have made a mistake somewhere.


We have a terrific track record of Design/Build projects and clients.  If your project can be approached in this manner, it is the highest return for your investment.





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